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Warren Boodaghian, Gen Itoh

capelli corti, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, ciuffo, mches, short hair, straight hair, layering cut, sweep to the side, mches

P.Kai Creative Team

capelli lungo, capelli mosso, riga al centro, trecce, long hair, wavy hair, centre parting, braids

Sam Carpenter

capelli medi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, medium hair, straight hair, layering cut

Angelo Seminara

capelli lunghi, capelli raccolti, trecce, long hair, tied back, braids


capelli corti, capelli rasati ai lati e dietro la nuca, acconciatura con ciuffo lungo, ciuffo mosso pettinato di lato, ciuffo con taglio scalato, ciocche con sfumature rosse e gialle, short hair, shaved hair on the sides and behind the neck, hairstyle with long tuft, wavy tuft combed to the side, graduate tuft cut, strands with shades of red and yellow


capelli corti donna, capelli mossi, capelli biondi, women's short hair, curly hair, blonde hair


capelli intrecciati, acconciatura con treccine laterali, pettinatura con treccine laterali, capelli intrecciati lateralmente, capelli con riga laterale, capelli con ciuffo pieno, acconciatura capelli a caschetto, acconciatura con ciuffo laterale, braided hair, hairstyle with side braids, cornrows hairstyle with side, side braided hair, hair with side parting, hair forelock full, hair bob hairstyle, hairstyle with side tuft

Sam Wall

capelli corti, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches

Steven Smart by Smart:Est 73

capelli biondi, capelli biondo platino, capelli a caschetto, caschetto vaporoso, carr, acconciatura con ciuffo laterale, blonde hair, platinum blonde hair, bobbed hair, fluffy bob, rack, hairstyle with side tuft


nuca rasata, nuca rasata donna, frangia corta, frangia pari, frangia piena, taglio a gradi, taglio a gradini, taglio a livelli, taglio a balzi, taglio rosa, taglio diverse lunghezze donne, shaved nape of the neck, nape shaved woman, short fringe bangs equal, full bangs, cut in degrees, cutting steps, cut in layers, cut in fits and starts, rose cut, cut different lengths women

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